The purpose of this observatory is to provide a global approach of GIS market.

GIS Software are presented in 4 categories :

  • Storage : component for geographic data memorization
  • Software : generic solution for geographic data processing
  • Applications : thematic applications for professional, web or desktop
  • Global GIS solutions : Bundle of GIS tools for various professional usages

This database is frequently updated and will allow you to have a global overview of available solutions. Search functions based on technical criteria can be used to request the database.

The observatory also offers thematic analysis and statistics about GIS software : type of license, operating system, architecture, ...


In order to make a living database, we invite users to participate by submitting proposals for GIS products via the specific form. After checking, the new product will be integrated in the database.

Submit a product


We are aware that a complete inventory can not be achieved, given the large perimeter and diversity of GIS worldwide. However, we believe that such a tool will allow many users to have a first level of response to their questions about the availability of GIS products on this specific market.