Our partners

To reinforce its field of expertise and needs of its clients, AXES Conseil has steady partnerships with :

Le CXP identifies comprehensive software providers and evaluates accurately their features, the characteristics of vendors, distribution networks and systems integrators. Its one-of-a kind methodology ensures true independence and provides an objective view to select the best software for clients information systems clients and their developments. This expertise is available through analysis and consulting services, to help projects management. Le CXP also publishes an electronic newsletter, l’Oeil Expert, dedicated to software market.

SCENARI is a consulting company specializing in organization and contract assistance for information systems and telecommunications projects. The firm helps organizations to set up their development projects, to conduct their bidding (drafting of tender documents, specifications, analysis of tenders and metrology, contracts formalization) and to manage the technical and contractual performance of related projects.

Joassart & Goffin is a consulting company, founded in 1993. The Bureau offers a large experience in enterprise diagnosis, particularly in small businesses, by redesigning business information systems processes, in the organization of production, in definition and implementation of Marketing Plans Sales and in companies internal communication and coaching. This experience has been acquired through a large number of missions conducted over twenty years.