A geographic information system (GIS) includes technical components, information and expertise, to manage and use location-based information.

GIS has become an essential tool for all organizations working with located data.

GIS world is changing, thanks to technological evolution, increasingly integrated into existing information systems or by becoming their spine.

GIS are powerful levers for optimizing business and fulfill increasing needs of data cross-sharing.

Technical Skills

AXES Conseil has the following skills :

  • All commercial and main open source GIS software and tools.
  • Main RDBMS and their geospatial components.
  • Web architectures and web GIS market.


In this changing environment, AXES Conseil assists its clients in various steps of a GIS project :


Through structured questionnaires and expertise of its consultants, AXES Conseil guarantees the completeness of information to be taken into account concerning functional, organizational, strategic and technical aspects.

Master Plan

Based on the strategic and operational information, on our knowledge and experience of the GIS market, AXES Conseil draws up a blueprint, detailing the framework of target evolution in short, medium and long term.


Based on information from the audit, AXES Conseil formalizes the inventory and specifies the existing needs.

Proposed solutions

From diagnosis, AXES Conseil makes proposals for evolution, draws up technical architecture, drafts scenarios, makes recommendations and identifies areas of special interest.

Assistance to selection and implementation

As a major phase in a project, the implementation must be addressed with all possible guarantees. AXES Conseil helps you to :

  • Write specifications
  • Analyse tenders
  • Manage the project

AXES Conseil assists you during integration steps. Directly induced by its activities, AXES Conseil also provides training and presentations in the field of GIS.