Collaborative web

A collaborative workspace platform is a virtual centralized set of tools, used in a web context. The purpose is to facilitate and optimize the exchange, share and spread of information among actors on a common project.

Implemented on Web technologies (Intranet or Extranet), collaborative space is accessible anytime, from any connected computer. Access is secure.

The generalization of transversal projects makes the collaborative space a vital complementary tool for projects management.

Software features

The main modules are :

A document database

To centralize and organize all the resources (reports, notes, photos, ...)

A directory

Listing the actors on the project stating their name, contact, address,...


Facilitating the management of monitoring reports on project activities, ...

Forums and blogs

For informal exchanges between partners about different topics.

A draft agenda

Arrange appointments, meetings, important dates of the project, to link agendas and minutes of meetings,...


AXES Conseil advises and assists clients in setting up collaborative workspaces and content management systems, mainly in Extranet environment.

As part of our various services, we implement collaborative spaces, to facilitate exchanges and centralize all documents. We have a large and proven operational experience in this field.